Shin MegamiTensei/Persona2,3&4
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I tag NSFW and some ships, spoilers will be tagged just for the 3 first days since the episode is released

hannibaladies meme: 3/5 ladies: bella crawford

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honey can’t you see I’m working here

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get hyped

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wooooow you like Persona 4? noooo stop you write really good fics and now you play p4?this is too much for me...I- I... think i love you ._.



Eeee, that makes me so happy that you like P4 as well color-division! One of my best friends skyinhands told me, “It’s a murder mystery, dating sim, dungeon-based, anime-ish game” and then I sold my soul to it for like two months straight. Dat Naoto though. 

I also have the P4 Arena game so you should totally come over and play me. 

What other games do you play?? :D Maybe we both play other similar games?

(And sshhhh come into my arms, don’t resist the love feels. *strokes your hair and sticks you in the drawer under my bed with the other anon* I’ll feed you gay porn and hannigram smut?… I also make a mean pumpkin soup.)

oh no gay porn and hannigram smut…my weakness

oh and … pssst Yosuke is the gay option in p4 he had a confession route right after you hug him in his Social Link 8, the audios of that route and his confession are still in the game disk but atlus cut it off a few days before releasing the game…but if you want a boyfriend for real 100% canon play P2 (your boyfriend is a drag queen and your childhood friend)

and the games I like…um If it’s an rpg then I played it (or watched a walkthrough on youtube because it’s on a console i don’t have)  I also love like Silent Hill and Metal Gear to death

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The New 3DS is revenge for the Smash leaks

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you’re waiting for a train… a train that will take you far away.

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