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Hannibal: Season Two (Blu-ray)


Review from with details of the bonus.

Perhaps one of network television’s biggest surprises of the decade thus far, NBC’s Hannibal almost instantly became a critical favorite…which typically means “swift cancellation after the first season, if not earlier”. Yet the series has been renewed for a third year and, based on the strength of the first two, shows no signs of slowing down in quality.

Based on the works of Thomas Harris, creator Bryan Fuller designed this series to loosely follow characters and events from Red Dragon onward, including The Silence of the LambsHannibal, and possibly beyond. It was an ambitious and risky move (especially after the last three films) but, so far, seems to have paid off handsomely. Featuring magnetic performances, impeccable set and costume design, a hypnotic atmosphere and, of course, a near-infinite number of clever twists and turns, Hannibal almost—-almost—-has no business being this good. It also wouldn’t be complete without unspeakable acts of violence and gore…but parents needn’t worry, because no one swears or takes their clothes off.

If I had to pick one secret weapon to Hannibal's sensory effectiveness, it would have to be composer Brian Reitzell's stunning sound design. More than just your average television soundtrack, the percussive and experimental sonic cues really enhance the psychological experience of what plays out before us. Rear channels and separation are used to great effect in the 5.1 mix, even circling around the viewer's head to keep our ears thoroughly engaged. Other more peaceful moments stand in stark contrast but are no less effective. I would certainly classify myself as a “visual person” if my eyes were better, but my ears work just fine and Hannibal hits precisely the right notes. If you’re the same way, I guarantee that you’ll be tempted to close your eyes and simply get lost in the mix…and not just because of the visuals, which sporadically feature some of the most repulsive images you’ll see on the small screen. The food looks great, though.

Hannibal's first season, like this second one, ran for just 13 episodes but featured very little fat. We were first introduced to psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) and his professional relationship with Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), an FBI instructor turned criminal profiler hand-picked by Special Agent Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) for his innate ability to “read” crime scenes. This ability, of course, came at a price: as the season progressed, Graham's exposure to a series of grisly murders slowly loosened his grip on reality. These crimes were believed to be at the hands of someone known as “The Chesapeake Ripper” and, in some cases, a copycat killer. Of course, anyone familiar with Thomas Harris and his most famous character knows who's behind the murders. Spoiler alert: he's pretty good in the kitchen.

Season 2, not surprisingly, picks up more or less where the first one left off. It cleverly turns certain characters almostcompletely upside down and, thankfully enough, doesn’t stick to its source material like glue. Hannibal, still juggling his personal and professional exploits with extreme precision, now visits Will Graham behind bars after he’s presumed guilty of committing the very murders he helped to investigate. From there, questions arise as to Will’s possible innocence, including the personal motives of Dr. Frederick Chilton (Raul Esparza), administrator of Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, where Will is kept. Hannibal’s guilt, which Will remains adamant about, is also brought into the light. Additional suspects and other figures from the first season return, including the brilliant but sadistic Dr. Abel Gideon (Eddie Izzard) and Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson), Lecter’s therapist who shares an unlikely personal bond with our title character. Through these next 13 episodes, Hannibal's irresistible second season moves at a similar pace to the first one: stoic and slow-burning at times, with sudden bursts of horrific violence and a spiraling second half.

Lionsgate serves up Hannibal: Season Two in a similar fashion to the first one: 13 episodes are presented on three discs, paired with a near-perfect A/V presentation and an assortment of quality supplements that elevate the already-strong series to even more considerable heights. In many respects it’s even better in almost every regard, so those who enjoyed the first season won’t be disappointed with this one. Just be sure to devour it in time for the next meal. 4.5.



Our meal continues with a collection of Audio Commentaries during “Kaiseki”, “Sakizuke”, “Yakimono”, “Takiawase”, “Su-zakana”, “Naka-choko”, and no less than two separate tracks during “Mizumono”. Featuring key cast and crew members including Bryan Fuller, Jose Andres, Hettienne Park, Raul Esparza, Hugh Dancy, and Caroline Dhavernas, these sessions go into modest detail about each respective episode and are well worth a listen. Unfortunately, like the rest of these bonus features, the lack of participation from Mads Mikkelsen and Laurence Fishburne is a slight disappointment.

Next on the menu, "This Is My Design" (82:51), is a complete breakdown of episode #5 (“Mukozuke”), which was produced between October 25, 2013 and February 7, 2014 Topics of discussion include sound design, prosthetics, makeup, lighting, CG and in-camera effects, specific days of production, the overall writing process, department head meetings, shooting locations, editing, post-show analysis, and much, much more. There’s a nice balance of retrospective talking-head interviews and, of course, a mountain of on-set behind-the-scenes footage to dig through here. Featured participants include Martha de Laurentiis, Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy, Aaron Abrams, Robert Crowther, Francois Dagenais, Hettienne Park, Lara Jean Chorostecki, Caroline Dhavernas, Scott Thompson, Brian Reitzell, and others.

Three shorter featurettes are also here. "The Style of a Killer" (13:24) features Martha de Laurentiis, Christopher Hargadon, Bryan Fuller, Raul Esparza, and Hugh Dancy as they discuss Hannibal's impeccable costume design, from suit fabrics to specific changes since the first season. "Bodies of Lies" (12:16) includes comments from Bryan Fuller, Martha de Laurentiis, and Francois Dagenais as they detail the jaw-dropping prosthetics crafted and seen during a handful of Season Two’s most gruesome moments. "Killer Intentions" (11:41) features Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy, Raul Esparza, Caroline Dhavernas, Lara Jean Chorostecki, and Hettienne Park, who compare Hannibal's second season with other Thomas Harris adaptations. Though limited in scope, these bite-sized morsels are worth your time and attention.

Don’t worry, we get a nice little dessert with the meal too. Also here are nine brief installments of "Post Mortem" with Scott Thompson (42:47 total), hosted by the charismatic cast member in Hannibal’s office set. These out-of-character chats offer a nice contrast to the other extras and feature Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, Laurence Fishburne, Caroline Dhavernas, Hettienne Park & Aaron Abrams, Jim Hawkinson, Janice Poon, Bryan Fuller, and Christopher Hargadon. Also cut from the same cloth is an amusing Gag Reel (7:38) featuring plenty of failed takes and on-set antics.

Last but not least is a short collection of Deleted Scenes (12:01); these are largely presented without context, which is a bit surprising since everything else is labelled so clearly. For the most part, these include minor character moments that take place during meetings or evaluations and, oddly enough, more than half of them feature Jack Crawford.

Unfortunately, no optional Closed Captions or subtitles have been included during any of these supplements, which is one of the only oversights in an otherwise detail-oriented effort. Still, a near-perfect effort in every regard. 4.5.

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Jonathan Tucker everyone. Giving the people what they want.

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I’m not sure what happened here but it made my ps3 crash

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This is my headcanon for young Thor and Loki’s relationship.



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 thor;  thorki;  loki;  
Ah ROO, don't tell me you're an Athelstan fan ! *TEAM HOT SEXY PRIEST* (his long hair and beard were the death of my panties in S2) *hugs you* Take care of you, hun ♥


i have a thing for guys with curls apparently, the moment I saw the little priest struggling with his faith i knew i was going to love him…but then he got hardcore and i loved him even more ; u ; also I was hoping he would be up for that threesome with Ragnar and Lagertha ; n ;

but there are things that cannot beeee~

RIP MoÏ’s panties…

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Make Me Chooseanon asked: Hannibal with food or Abigail with her hunting knife

"Just like we talked about. Start at the sternum. Keep the blade pointed up. Damage the organs, you ruin the meat."

I hate to be that asshole who writes at the bottom of a perfectly lovely post instead of putting my thoughts into the tags, but I have too many feelings for the tags so bear with me I’m sorry.

THESE GIFS JUST GIVE ME SO MANY FEELINGS?  Because there’s so much about Abigail that can’t be pinned down.  You can never tell what is performance and what is truth (if they really exist as separate categories; sometimes I think there are two contradictory truths that are somehow both still true, but I digress, you see why I couldn’t fit this in the tags???).  And I love that ambiguity about her.

But I also like that there are moments that aren’t ambiguous, and that scene where she’s cutting open that pillow, there is no performance there.  This is one of the very few times in the series that we see Abigail alone.  She’s not putting on that shock and horror for anyone.  She’s not pretending to discover the pillows were stuffed with the hair of these girls that she spoke to, got to know, that she tricked in order to survive.  Her horror is 100% unfeigned.

And that pillow is just… everything about the Hobbs family in a nutshell, isn’t it?  Crafted into something pretty on the outside, down-to-earth and homey, but it’s a lie.  Inside is something sick, abhorrent, disgusting, creepy, and deeply misogynistic.

And Abigail is cutting through that surface, angrily, in tears, revealing her family for what it always really was.  And she’s also dealing with knowing that that rotten core isn’t just unique to her family, because this is right after she found Marissa’s body, so when Nick Boyle shows up (and she believes he was responsible), he’s just this stand-in for her father and the kind of men who would admire him.

TL;DR I have so many Abigail feelings I’m not OK.

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Commission for ohlookacannibal. Painting of Will Graham being happy. How wEIRD. Tackled something a little different from my typical work and I’m glad I did because it was a ton of fun and I finally feel like I’m improving where I need to. Done entirely without reference.

Excuse me while I lay down and smile for 100 years.

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Basically I’m an Articuno?

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As I have just reached 10,000 followers, I think a BIG giveaway is due! As those of you who have been around since my 2500 giveaway will know, I like giving away DVD’s.

The Rules

  • This is a giveaway for followers, so you must be following.
  • Reblog to enter, likes will not count.
  • It will close when the Season 2 DVD is released in the US
  • I will make this date very clear to everyone
  • Please if you have any questions message me, all new info will go in “10kgiveaway” tag on my blog.

Time for the business end

  • 1x DVD of Hannibal Season Two (will make sure it’s your region)
  • 1x Hannibal related goodie bag (not organs, promise)
  • 1x Framed Print from boardingtheark x

More prizes will be added when note goals are hit cos it’s fun.





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